How are you engaging with
chronically ill patients between
office visits?

Chronic Conditions Continue to Rise

Today’s healthcare systems continue to see more patients with multiple chronic illnesses. The key to success depends on optimizing your capacity to reach patients outside of the care setting. Having a robust Chronic Care Management program can lead to thousands in saved revenue, and better health outcomes.

By 2020
Million Americans
Will have multiple chronic conditions
CDC reports: Individuals with 2+ chronic conditions account for
Total Healthcare Spending
Total Medicare Spending
Disease Management
Is in the hands of individuals and their families

What so Many Are Saying:

We Know There’s an Opportunity, but Why Haven’t We Achieved it?
Up to $60,000 per year in annual revenue can be earned by providers for managing chronic conditions.
Systems do not have the expertise to sift through the vast sea of vendors
Each activity must be documented for appropriate payment
Front office staff is bogged down with other ancillary duties
Tracking down patients requres time
Providers struggle to enroll patients
The workforce lacks training materials and support

Unlock the full potential of value-based care

Patients with chronic conditions need far more support than can be provided during periodic clinical exams—but few care teams are able to offer it. Until now, that is.

Our CCM Navigators work as an extension of your internal staff to provide education, coaching and periodic follow-up calls that can lead to long-term, lasting patient outcomes. With a specialized chronic care management program, your patients will receive comprehensive care plans and ongoing support where and when it’s needed. Through routine check-ins and on-call assistance, patients are supported in a wide range of needs including:

  • Developing customized care plans
  • Getting connected to the proper local resources and facilities
  • Ensuring labs and other critical needs are met
  • Ongoing expert assistance to help self-manage conditions...
  • ...and more

With chronic care management services delivered where, when and how your patients need them, staying on track to meet healthcare goals has never been easier.

The CareThrough Approach

Care Team Engagement

Our navigators are embedded into your practice, working elbow-to-elbow with your care team, and freeing providers to work top-of-license.

Higher Level of Enrollment

If you struggle to connect with patients, our navigators have a tool-box of resources to successfully enroll high numbers of patients, and expand your CCM program.

Care Coordination

We’re regularly scanning the files to keep a watchful eye on changes and improvements while updating charts to correct inaccuracies. Navigators empower patients to keep appointments, organize transportation, and receive immediate care if necessary.

Don’t let patients slip through the care gaps. We connect technology and care coordination tactics to proactively reach at-risk patients. Both on-site in the care setting or at home, Navigators connect with patients to schedule appointments, monitor adherence and so much more. Get access to critical information in less time, while navigators partner with patients to manage their care.

Proven Results

5X Revenue Growth in 4 Months
Revenue Per Month
(After CareThrough CCM Implementation)
Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4

After implementing a CareThrough CCM Navigator program, doctors saw promising results:

  • Improvement in documentation between provider visits
  • An increase in the number of patients enrolled in their CCM program
  • Accelerated revenue growth

The healthcare system previously relied on their busy care team as a primary source of Chronic Care Management.

“The CareThrough navigator collaborated with our team to identify at-risk patients, and deliver quality care.” —Jeff W., Healthcare System CEO

Don’t let a poorly designed CCM program hold you back. Control the flow of chronically ill patients, and help them make better choices.