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Emergency Department

Navigators in the Emergency Department transform care team work-flow, and provide the ancillary support necessary for providers to work top-of-license. Transform care delivery in the ED setting with solutions that drive efficiency for fast-paced Emergency Department teams. With CareThrough support, streamline the patient experience, close care gaps, and quickly connect acute patients to life saving care.


With technology enabled, coordinated care, patients are guided through every stage of their Emergency Department journey. Our expert team of strategists have developed innovative solutions to assist care teams, lower costs, and improve patient outcomes. Navigators in the Emergency Department track and manage high utilization activity, address common barriers to care, and connect your most vulnerable patients to the next step in the care continuum. Powered by AI chatbot technology, Navigators have a comprehensive solution to save providers time, without compromising quality documentation, and patient experience.
Lessen the stress of ED visits for patients
Support critical needs of over-burdened care teams
Increase engagement with AI Chatbot Technology
Enroll patients in community programs and increase access to resources
Drive long-term patient outcomes
Address social determinants of health and remove barriers to care

How it Works

Unlock the Power of an Emergency Department Optimized with CareThrough Solutions

  • Navigators are trained on your Emergency Department’s EMR
  • Make note of population health initiatives and resources for future use
  • Keep care teams on track to meet care delivery goals
  • Update patients with ED wait times before they reach the hospital
  • Track data on patient engagement and develop benchmarking goals
  • Reduce Left Without Being Seen (LWBS)
  • Assist with referral appointment follow-up calls
  • Improve patient experience with care plan assistance
  • Connect patients with providers while they wait