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Transform Today's Nursing Model with Nurse Care Team Assistants

Providers Treat, CareThrough Connects, Patients (and Nurses!) Thrive


Is Your Nurse Travel Agency Detonating Your Budget Plans?

Increase Nurse Retention and Satisfaction, While Avoiding Costly Staffing Agencies


Video Series:
"Some Would Say..."

In the first of a new video series, we're recognizing our healthcare heroes who have persevered through a challenging year. We know there are better days ahead thanks to their service.

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Improve Patient Engagement and Address SDoH with Care Navigators

Dedicated, embedded navigation support at the point of care


From Registration to Discharge, Dedicated Population Health Support

Boost care team productivity and give patients a dedicated point of contact with CareThrough's Population Health Assistants

Nurse CTA
Care Team Assistants work closely with Nurses to alleviate clerical duties, comfort round on patients and extend the bandwidth for nurses to focus on top of license activities. The result is less overtime and happier, more fulfilled nurses.
Population Health
It’s not enough to treat patients when they present symptoms. We provide the workforce to help you collect actionable data about the populations you serve to improve health outcomes.
Care Navigation
Through dedicated Care Navigation support, your care team is able to work at the top of their license, while navigators monitor and connect with patients to prioritize and meet their unique needs.
Chronic Care Management
Our CCM Navigators connect with patients to set goals and provide support that leads to improved health outcomes. Our CCM program helps maximize enrollment while increasing revenue.

'Healthcare Visionaries' Video Series: "Greatness"

In the second of our ‘Healthcare Visionaries’ series, we’re recognizing those who are driven to reach new heights. The ones who don’t accept when others say, “it can’t be done.” They persevere and continue on, driven towards greatness. They’re innovators, heroes, teachers, loved ones. Some transform the way we live our lives; others transform their communities. They’re also transforming the healthcare industry – the caregivers, leaders, innovators and all others who work towards creating a healthier future.
Prepare for the Future of Healthcare
Despite our best efforts, many patients may still get lost in the shuffle of unavoidable administrative tasks and burdensome technology. All the while, care teams struggle to overcome the effects of burnout and staffing shortages. At CareThrough, we work alongside our partners to introduce innovative strategies that transform how healthcare is delivered.

We understand the challenges facing care teams today, having completed analysis and implementations for leading health systems nationwide. Between registering, documenting and discharging patients, it’s hard enough to stay on schedule—let alone consistently practice at the top of your license. CareThrough solutions like NURSE CARE TEAM ASSISTANTS help care teams work more efficiently, while CARE NAVIGATORS, POPULATION HEALTH ASSISTANTS and innovative AI-driven technology help improve patient engagement and care coordination.

CareThrough’s integrated approach combines workflow optimization strategies with cutting-edge technology to help you build a culture of success and continuous improvement.
Put the Power of People Behind Your Technology
Providers and nurses deserve so much more than the status quo of long hours and decreased job satisfaction. At CareThrough we are committed to empowering care teams with robust analytics and comprehensive care management strategies.
Our results-driven solutions address population health challenges, reduce documentation errors, improve RAF scores and Quality Care Measures across the entire care continuum. Our team develops strategies to improve performance and upgrade capabilities. We see your biggest challenges as your greatest opportunities.
What we do
Solution Spotlight: Nurse Care Team Assistants
Historically physicians have enjoyed the benefits of medical scribes. Nurse Care Team Assistants offer an entirely new care delivery model. While nurse shortages and burnout dominate headlines, Nurse CTAs offer a new approach that improves job satisfaction for nurses and care quality for patients.
Address Looming Industry Trends
Address Looming Industry Trends
There are 3 nurses to every 1 provider, however, 1 in 5 nurses leave the profession 12 months after earning their license. With a substantial work-force, and high attrition, reinventing processes for optimized nurse care settings has become a growing priority.
Improve Nurse Satisfaction
Improve Nurse Satisfaction
With CTAs clinically trained to round on patients and check for acute safety events, health systems improve care coordination without adding additional shifts. The result empowers nurses to return to the job they love—caring for patients.
Right-Size Staffing Ratios
Right-Size Staffing Ratios
Achieving the right ratio of nurses to patients represents an important step towards the overall health of patients, and the hospital environment. Nurse CTAs offer a cost-effective approach toward helping achieve balanced staffing ratios.