Transforming Healthcare, One Patient Experience at a Time

Struggling with the transition to a value-based reimbursement model? We’re here for you.

CareThrough is the 360° healthcare managed services solution designed to improve health outcomes for patients while lessening headaches and lowering costs for providers. Our high-tech, highly-trained care team assistants offer Quadruple Aim support by working on your behalf to identify at-risk patients, monitor care gaps and keep your team up-to-date and on-task.

When Shift Happens...

Moving from a focus on the quantity of patients seen to the quality of care they receive should be a smooth transition, but that’s not always the case. Despite your best efforts, many patients may still be getting lost in the shuffle of unavoidable administrative tasks, burdensome technology and confusing processes. Between registering, documenting and discharging, it’s hard enough to stay on schedule—let alone get quality facetime or consistently practice at the top of your medical license.

...We’re Here for You.

With more than 30 million patient encounters under our belts (and counting), we’re training a new generation of specialized care team assistants to:

Engage Patients
Engage Patients

When a patient calls or comes in, dedicated assistants ensure the right information is recorded and relayed to the right systems and people.

Remove Barriers
Remove Barriers

Care team assistants are trained to identify and address common barriers ranging from income and insurance to accessibility and availability.

Coordinate Care
Coordinate Care

With regular check-ins, assisted transitions, and ongoing health and wellness coaching, patients get the care they need at every stage.

Our Solution

Put the Power of People Behind Your Technology

Your providers and patients deserve so much more than the status quo. That’s why CareThrough is committed to empowering providers with better technology, more robust analytics and comprehensive care management strategies.

Our specialized programs address challenges across the entire continuum of care to increase efficiency, improve patient outcomes and, ultimately, transform the healthcare experience for patients and providers alike.

Chronic Care Management Support
Care Team Optimization
In-Person & Remote Navigation Services
Referral Management Solution
What We Do

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Value-based healthcare shouldn’t have to be hard.

Without CareThrough
With CareThrough

With CareThrough, it’s efficient and effective for everyone.

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