Don’t Let Poor Engagement
Impact Care Quality.

Deliver Patient Support and Increase Engagement with Digital Conversations

Consumers are more mobile than ever, and they’re currently spending 2.5 hours in messaging apps every day. In the AI driven age, patients expect their favorite brands to communicate through chat. From receiving banking alerts to flight status updates, consumers are turning to text messages for business communication.

To succeed in today’s value based healthcare environment, providers must meet patients where they are with smart, personalized, on-demand conversations that span the full patient experience.

“Conversational-AI will supersede cloud and mobile as the most important imperative for the next 10 years.” —Gartner

With our LifeLink chatbot platform, healthcare systems accelerate the leap to value-based care. Our unique automated conversational interactions impact quality, cost and the experience of care. Now is the time to embrace consumer readiness for digital communication and deepen patient engagement that leads to better health outcomes.

Chatbots make it simple to connect with patients and their family members, send appointment reminders, address concerns, and ultimately deliver quality healthcare that surpasses expectations.

Our LifeLink messaging platform leads to:

  • Natural and intuitive engagement
  • Increased patient loyalty
  • Reduced left without being seen (LWBS)
  • Preserved referral network integrity
  • Improved medication adherence

Digital Conversations Drive:


Patients receive information including:

  • Appointment wait times
  • Updates when lab test results are available
  • Information specific to their EMR data
  • Referral status

Good News for Providers and Administrators:

All messages are logged, allowing the care team to view usage data and conversations. The result is patient-centric care, and the impact is quantifiable. Our tool delivers data on MIPS and CMS reporting activities to boost compliance and reimbursement.

LifeLink & Navigators: Helping Your Care Team Work Top-of-License

Pair LifeLink AI chatbots with highly-skilled care navigators to increase the speed of patient engagement. CareThrough navigators are embedded within the care team, utilizing the LifeLink platform to deliver customized care support – from driving directions, to provider availability and more. Skilled at post clinical follow-up, navigators conduct assessments and patient satisfaction surveys directly through the app. With the right people combined with forward-thinking technology, your care teams are free to work top-of-license. Now that is the future of personalized care.

“The success rate of bot interactions in the healthcare sector will move from 12% currently, to over 75% in 2022.” —Juniper Research

Be ready for the change...