Chart the Way Forward:
Referral Management that Works

Achieve Care Continuity with Referral Services

Treating referral coordination with outdated technology and EHR systems leaves only a fraction of patients in network. The less-than transparent referral process also causes delayed appointments, with patients unintentionally referred to overscheduled providers. The ensuing confusion results in lower patient satisfaction, and compromised health outcomes. With the healthcare landscape shifting towards patients as consumers, providing seamless referral support is not only expected, it is integral to value-based care.

Unlock the Power of Value-Based Care: Optimize Data

As part of your care team, our navigators respond to referral requests with an integrated data approach. Our cloud-based software integrates EMR data to unlock insights and determine the next actionable step in the care plan. Our solution matches patients with providers covered by their insurance plan, and conveniently located. The result is better communication, more insight, and an opportunity to lay the groundwork for future patient encounters that meet your health systems standards.

Our referral management process allows you to:

  • Meet high standards of care with a coordinate patient experience
  • Resolve scheduling challenges and keep patients engaged in their treatment
  • Address the number of providers sending patients out of network
  • Improve patient outcomes by better monitoring adherence to medications
  • Document patient experiences with updated EMR’s

The Integrated Approach

Track Referral Patterns

Comprehensive EMR documentation paired with our proprietary software provides insight into how providers make referrals and grow referral networks.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Navigators monitor data and provide guidance to ensure a ‘best-fit’ referral, including insurance acceptance, preferred location, quality scores, and more.

Streamline Scheduling

Our software captures key information in the EMR to avoid discrepancies in coverage and overscheduling. Navigators follow up to provide support and coordinate next steps.

Find The Best Fit Referral: The Way Forward

Our focus is connecting labor and cloud-based technology to further the success of your referral management goals, for any specialty. Track the patient experience from the initial visit to the moment the referral is requested, while comprehensively documenting within the EMR. This allows your health system to ensure all follow-up care remains in network, and is the best fit for the patient.

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Align Strategic Goals to Action

Inaction can be costly. If a provider has 1,000 active patients, nearly 300 will require a referral. And when the referral is made in-network, patients may need additional support following through. Studies show more than twenty percent of patients miss scheduled appointments, and no-shows cost health systems millions in lost revenue.

Disconnected referral management doesn’t have to be the status-quo. While your clinical staff delivers optimal care, our referral management tool provides an integrated framework of analytics to better serve patients, close revenue-cycle gaps, and grow your margins.

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of Patients Never Complete
Their Referral Appointment

So what's the impact?

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A provider refers approximately 30% of their patients. If that provider has 1,000 active patients, 700 are referred to specialists


That’s 140 lost patients if 20% go out of network or fail to complete their appointments

If a no-show costs an average of $200, that's $28,000 per provider, or $5.6 million for a system with 200 doctors

Over $1 million could be saved if we capture just 25% of these lost referrals

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Lost Referrals
$1 Mil