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Improving Healthcare Delivery

For healthcare systems to deliver quality care to the populations they serve, our Population Health Assistants provide a robust solution designed to assess social determinants of health. We ensure care teams foster relationships with patients by providing unparalleled support and guidance throughout the healthcare journey.

The Next-Generation of Care

From registration to discharge, our Population Health Assistants make sure patients have a dedicated point of contact. Our program is strategically designed to identify and track patients by making personal connections. We understand the complexity of population health management. As a leading provider of care management services, we recruit, hire, train and manage a work force of compassionate Population Health Assistants who streamline the healthcare delivery processes.
Managing population health internally requires a significant amount of staff time. By leveraging CareThrough’s clinical expertise in care team optimization, population health goals become attainable. Across clinical settings, Population Health Assistants are improving the access to care for patients, and boosting the productivity of the care teams they serve.

The Top of License Mindset

When you’re in the midst of a major transition, keeping up with patient demands and needs is no easy feat. With all the data to analyze, insights to act on and patient panels to manage, coordinating care can consume a lot of valuable time. That’s why Care Team Optimization exists—to provide the support providers, practices and systems need to coordinate value-based care.

With embedded care team assistants, you can rely on CareThrough for:
Right-Sizing Staffing Ratios
Closing Care Gaps
Improving Patient Experience
Improved Health Outcomes
Driving Quality Scores
Reducing Hospital Bed Days
Direct Care Team Outreach
Increase Preventative Screenings
Enhancing Adherence Efforts
Inter-Network Communication

How It Works

Population Health Assistants are integral to closing significant care gaps including lack of transportation, financial barriers to care, depression, and other care needs that may escalate if not addressed. We modify and measure our programs to meet each health systems specific needs, and provide exceptional patient experiences.

Care team assistants remotely monitor patients

  • Track med adherence
  • Assist with appointment scheduling and transportation
  • Access to updated charts that reflect changes in patient health status

Bridge the divide between patients and care teams

  • Promptly resolve miscommunications with patients
  • Keeping care teams in the know
  • Fostering stronger patient relationships

Extend care beyond the clinical setting

  • Mobilize resources, schedule follow-up appointments, and engage patients
  • Care team assistants encourage patients to structure personalized care plans
We eliminate the chaos by taking a nuanced approach to managing patient populations. We provide the missing link, a navigator who understands patient monitoring outside of the clinical setting. Our care team assistants intercept miscommunications, all the while updating the EMR’s with pertinent data. The result is increased patient engagement, and continuity of care. Most importantly, with streamlined support your care team will have the increased capacity to address care delivery challenges. From intake to discharge, care team optimization is a transformative process that alters productivity and eliminates pervasive, and largely overlooked communication gaps.