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The HealthChannels Radio podcast provides insight and analysis of healthcare trends from the HealthChannels team and top industry leaders.


  • HCR Episode 8: Addressing the Provider Burnout Epidemic

    Dr. Murphy responds to CMS Administrator Seema Verma's "Dear Doctor" letter and discusses E/M levels, solutions to the provider burnout epidemic, and the evolution of medical scribes with Fabio Giraldo, ScribeAmerica's Southeast Regional President. Read Dr. Murphy's Op-Ed: Becker's ASC Review - 'First, To Do No Harm': Dr. Michael Murphy on how CMS' new rules could backfire (

  • HCR Episode 7: Using Chatbots to Improve Patient Engagement in the ED

    Dr. Michael Murphy talks with Greg Johnsen, CEO of LifeLink about consumer behavior, and how chatbots leverage text messaging, the common denominator between the millennial and aging patient population. The discussion includes an in depth look at how AI analyzes patient data to form predictive, customizable conversations that improve patient satisfaction, and build brand loyalty.

  • HCR Episode 6: Keeping Referrals in Network - Interview with ReferWell CEO Vytas Kisielius

    Dr. Michael Murphy sits down with Vytas Kisielius from ReferWell to discuss the numerous referral management challenges facing health systems today. Each year nearly 24 million Americans are instructed to schedule follow-up appointments, but simply don’t. QueueLogix and ReferWell's partnership is closing the loop by helping to get the patient to the right doctor, right away.

  • HCR Episode 5: What's Happening on Capitol Hill

    Dr. Michael Murphy speaks with Jeff Cohen, Executive Vice President of Public Affairs at the Federation of American Hospitals in Washington, DC about the new tax bill and how impending legislation will affect health systems and patients. With over a decade of experience working on Capitol Hill alongside lawmakers, Cohen provides a thoughtful analysis of the the latest political trends from an insider's perspective.

  • HCR Episode 4: Demystifying the Coding Process - New Solutions to Modernize Coding Operations

    Doug Ingram, President of QueueLogix, joins Dr. Michael Murphy, CEO of HealthChannels to discuss revenue-cycle challenges and how creating bridges from the clinical side to back-office operations can break down silos, reduce costly reimbursement penalties


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