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Outpatient Services

Providing care in the outpatient setting requires a strategic approach. From the moment when a patient calls or comes in, our navigators ensure your providers are unburdened by ancillary tasks and focused on delivering comprehensive care. Whether a patient arrives for a consultation, diagnosis, or procedure, our advanced outpatient care solutions ensure patients remain supported with coordinated care. We put wellbeing at the center of our strategies, and adapt to the rapidly changing needs of your unique outpatient environment.


As outpatient utilization continues to steadily increase, reducing wait-times, improving care plan adherence and follow-up are vital to positive health outcomes. It’s no longer enough to send a patient out of the door with papers in hand. At CareThrough, we’ve replaced outdated Outpatient practices with next-generation strategies for providers, nurses and care teams. With a comprehensive and tailored approach, stay on target to meet population health goals. Through constant collaboration, CareThrough outpatient solutions add value for patients and decrease costs.
Clearly define outpatient strategies with technology and care coordination solutions
Improve patient engagement
Trusted and consistent care delivery
Achieve improved community and population health goals
Communicate better with patients and their families
Support clinician work-life balance

How it Works

Impact Care Quality and Resolve Challenges to Patient Centered Care

  • Our team of accessible, highly trained support actively engages patients
  • We track improvements in care coordination and clinician satisfaction
  • Proactively prepare for annual coding opportunities including RAF/HCC and Chronic Care Management
  • Our solutions focus on engagement and increase access to providers without overburdening care teams
  • Integrate reviews and benchmarks into care coordination
  • Transition from outdated technology and apply AI Chatbots across the care continuum
  • Outline healthcare goals to transition to value-based care
  • Learn best practices from partner sites
  • Advance provider satisfaction and the outpatient care team experience