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Inpatient Services

CareThrough’s qualitative and quantitative approach to inpatient care involves supporting the entire care team, from administrators, to nurses and providers. The key contributors of a robust inpatient care environment are your care team’s agility, and bandwidth. In today’s value-based care environment, inpatient stays require well-coordinated care teams to work with an action plan that anticipates patient needs. Our efforts have transformed inpatient care from chaotic to streamlined, and consistent. With multiple solutions tailored to your specific needs, patient-centered care delivery is possible.


Our Inpatient solutions include Nurse Care Team Assistants, Care Coordination and Navigators among a growing list of technological offerings. For years, our evidence-based methods have reduced the complexity of inpatient stays for patients and providers. At CareThrough, we review your facility to better understand the inpatient care concerns. Then, we work with your team to design a program to care for admitted patients, and the compassionate providers delivering quality care. By closing care gaps, and reducing ancillary tasks that can be handled by a Care Team Assistants, we return patient wellness to the center of your mission.
Seamless admissions process with care team assistants
Reduced burnout for nurses and providers
Increased band-with to meet value based care goals
Assisted transition from inpatient to home care
Reduced cost of care with lower overtime
Technology enabled patient engagement post discharge
Coverage for shifts across inpatient facilities
Meet CMS reporting activities to boost compliance and reimbursement

How it Works

Drive Care Team Performance to Meet the Demands of Value-Based Care

  • We’ll define the solutions to best fit your inpatient site
  • Work with a CareThrough leader to guide your customized implementation
  • Leave the hiring and EMR/ CCM training to our team
  • Combine solutions to increase documentation efficiency and care team optimization
  • Meet CMS, RAF /HCC coding requirements for code capture of CCM
  • Document patient experiences with AI Chatbot data
  • Receive a detailed analysis of performance metrics where we can move the needle
  • Develop personalized care goals to connect with patients and exceed expectations
  • Review technology to improve engagement and build loyalty