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Q: What is a Navigator?
A: A Navigator intelligently shares the provider and administrative staff's burden of providing value based care in and outside of the clinical setting. In doing so, the care team's productivity and patient engagement increase, so that goal of providing cost effective, quality value based care is achieved
Q: What is the difference between a Navigator and a medical scribe?
A: A Navigator eases care team's workflow by sharing administrative tasks and provides an interface with patient in and out of the care setting, and assists with care team flow, patient advocacy and offers a quality assurance/quality improvement process. A medical scribe may have some overlapping tasks and skills, but Navigators take a more strategic approach and provide a human glue to the entire care staff, not just to individual providers.
Q: How can I become a Navigator or Care Team Assistant?
A: We provide the training necessary to become a Navigator or CTA. If you have the aptitude for healthcare work, is comfortable working in a clinical environment, and has the skillset and knowhow from previous scribe work with us, you would be a strong candidate for Navigator or CTA. See our career page to apply to be a Navigator or CTA.
Q: Can I still qualify under Meaningful Use if I use a medical scribe, Navigator, or CTA?
A: Yes, the official statement was made by CMS in 2012.
Q: How do you comply with HIPAA?
A: We comply with every hospital and practice HIPAA policy. In addition, HealthChannels created its own "HIPAA For Scribes" training videos and tests which are focused specifically on scribes, Navigators, and CTAs and the access they have.
Q: With which EHRs do you work?
A: We work with all EHRs.
Q: Do Navigators and CTAs code and bill the chart?
A: No, they do not. However, they can apply frequent codes that a practice uses based on the practice dictation.
Q: Do you offer health insurance to your Navigators and CTAs?
A: Scribes, Navigators and CTAs that assist with management duties are eligible for the HealthChannels Health Reimbursement Arrangement and other forthcoming health, vision, and dental benefits.
Q: How long has CareThrough been in existence?
A: CareThrough was founded and launched as part of the HealthChannel family of companies in October of 2016, with both ScribeAmerica and QueueLogix serving the healthcare community since 2003.
Q: How many employees does CareThrough have?
A: Currently HealthChannels, the parent company of CareThrough, has over 17,000 employees.
Q: How financially strong is CareThrough?
A: As part of HealthChannels, we were ranked on Modern Healthcare number two in 2013 and the Inc. 500/5000 eight years in a row.
Q: Is CareThrough publicly or privately held?
A: We are privately held.
Q: How can I contact the CEO, CMO, or COO of CareThrough?
A: All correspondence will find its way via info@carethrough.com
Q: What is CareThrough's business rating on Dun and Bradstreet? Better Business Bureau?
A: As part of HealthChannels companies, we are ranked A+
Q: How can I get a CareThrough proposal and contract?
A: Please email us at info@carethrough.com or visit our "contact us" page to request information.
Q: Are the Navigators and CTAs your employees?
A: Yes, we recruit, hire, train and manage your Navigator and CTA workforce
Care Navigators
As healthcare business models evolve, so should care teams.

Patients who are paired with Care Navigators report feeling less anxiety, and an increased ability to self-manage their conditions between visits. And providers report increased job satisfaction from improved efficiency, and knowing their patients have access to care teams, and strategic support.
Chronic Care Management
With an increased aging population managing two or more chronic illnesses, extending your care teams’ ability to communicate with patients is critical. We take a strategic approach to helping patients chart a path towards their health goals, while self-managing their chronic conditions between clinical visits.
AI Chatbots
We deliver a robust AI Chatbot solution to help manage and sustain effective communication with patients. Care teams implement the conversational text messages and customize patient communication to deliver high quality care.
Nurse Care Team Assistants
Adding a qualified Nurse CTA to the care team increases quality of work-life and reduces stress on nurses. The nursing profession is also experiencing an alarming shortage due to increased clerical burdens and burnout.
Scribe Services
There’s a reason why we’re the nation’s most frequently used scribe company: we offer professionally trained medical scribes to meet the specific needs of our clients. We offer emergency medicine, outpatient, hospitalist medicine and other scribe programs, as well as technology and personnel solutions that address revenue cycle management, the transition to value-based care, and more through our HealthChannels family of companies.
Referral Management
Referrals scheduled by navigators in the clinical setting builds long term, patient care integrity across the care continuum. With the authority, along with the provider to search for specialists in network, navigators asses their schedules, and ensure appointment compliance.