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Power CCM program enrollment with embedded support and coordinated care.

With CareThrough, enrolling eligible CCM patients to deliver specialized support services has never been easier. Our team refines your existing strategy, driving breakthrough results for CCM patients throughout their healthcare journey. With a dedicated CCM Navigator, patients receive personalized care plans and build confidence in their self-management of health goals.

CCM Navigators proactively engage patients and identify barriers to care. From facilitating transportation to-and-from appointments to discussing financial obstacles, Navigators connect patients to community resources and close care gaps. The impactful results of CareThrough’s internal CCM program model include increased clinical interventions, improved engagement, and better health outcomes for your most vulnerable patients.


Unlock the Full Potential of Coordinated Care. With our highly-effective enrollment and management process, build trust and advance CCM goals for healthier patients.
Personalized care plan support and consistent billing for code 99490

Increased reimbursement for care delivery with Improved patient satisfaction and engagement

Increased care team efficiency and quality measures plus improved physician, nurse and ancillary staff feedback on eligible CCM patients
Meet population health goals with Navigators supporting the specified needs of the population you serve, while creating health literacy for patients to better manage their chronic illnesses

How It Works

CareThrough embeds a navigator within your practice, working with providers and care teams to support patients in keeping appointments, and provide proactive outreach to your most vulnerable patients to facilitate early clinical intervention.

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  • Our Client Solutions team will carefully analyze the data you've provided, using our industry leading methodology and analysis tools
  • CareThrough will provide you with a customized CCM Audit report, showing the potential patient engagement value and revenue generation opportunity
  • Based on your results, CareThrough will host a personalized CCM briefing, discussing program benefits and implementation logistics