About CareThrough

Clerical Support to Improve Clinical Outcomes

CareThrough is part of the HealthChannels family of healthcare solutions. This group of three distinct, highly specialized companies is dedicated to helping providers improve clinical outcomes through specialized clerical support.

CareThrough’s highly-skilled patient navigators help providers transition to value-based care with population health management strategies that make providing care more efficient and effective.

The CareThrough Story

For years, providers knew us as ScribeAmerica—the nation’s most frequently used medical scribe company, established in 2004 to smooth the transition from paper-based patient documents to EMRs. More than a decade later, as ScribeAmerica continues to actively recruit, train and manage over 15,000 scribes in over 2,600 locations, we are now extending this support to care teams and their patients.

Our focus has always been on improving the accuracy and quality of patient documentation. This has resulted in higher patient satisfaction scores, improved revenue cycles and better continuity of care across millions of provider-patient relationships. With over 30,000 medical scribes trained and 30 million patient encounters, our clients look to us as a strategic partner to help them successfully transition to a value-based care model.

Ready to Learn More?

CareThrough’s care navigators leverage analytics, high-tech solutions and care management strategies to improve patient outcomes. Navigators help with key tasks that drive meaningful results, including decreased readmission rates, improved star ratings, reduced costs and much more.